Tracking Time – Florida's biggest races - The race to be our Senator

Part 2: Tracking Time – An update on Florida's biggest races - The race to be our Senator  

Bottom Line: I still feel compelled to point out that we still have to clear the primaries before this is the official match-up we'll have this fall, and that pre-primary polling for general elections isn't highly predictive but here's the latest in current accredited polling in the match-up between Governor Rick Scott and Senator Bill Nelson (the five most recent polls within the past month): 

  • Nelson: 46%   

  • Scott: 46%   

  • Undecided/third party 8%   

Speaking of wide-open races... This has all of the makings of another classic Rick Scott nail bitter. Having already won two state-wide races by 1%, this one is shaping up to be another of those types of races one way or another. Over the previous update, about three weeks ago, we've seen Bill Nelson gain additional traction as it now appears as though he's consolidated his previous base of support and now we're down to Florida's typical narrow window of truly persuadable voters. That is – if this holds up. It's worth noting the wild cards that exist with these two candidates. Bill Nelson's a federal politician with a vote pending on the nomination of a potential Supreme Court justice in Brett Kavanagh. How does he vote? How will that vote impact this race?  

Rick Scott is our Governor. Clearly anything significant within our state that requires his attention is a wild card. None the least of which would be a hurricane for example. These are additional reasons it's important to not get ahead of ourselves in this race but it's probably safe to say this will be a close race one way or another. 

Until next update...   

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