Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh - What we think

What we think about Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh 

Bottom Line: President Trump hadn't officially introduced Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the country when protests and ads aimed at influencing voters were being rolled out by opposition groups. A week after the announcement the folks at the Pew Research started polling Americans to see what we think about Brett. Here's what they found... 

  • 41% think he should be confirmed 

  • 36% think he should be rejected 

  • 23% don't know 

So, as of now, a majority by plurality think he should be confirmed. For the sake of comparison – prior to Neil Gorsuch's confirmation 44% thought he should be confirmed compared to 32% who thought he shouldn't. In other words, Kavanaugh's seven percent less approved of by the public but still in positive territory. It's likely this is less about him and more about the deep partisanship projected in the news media today. What's interesting is that while 23% of Americans don't have an opinion of whether Kavanaugh should serve on the high court, that's actually the smallest percentage without an opinion than at any other time in in Pew's polling history of SCOTUS nominees. In that regard it's a bit more impressive for Brett than a five-point preference would indicated. At a time when more Americans have an opinion of a prospective SCOTUS nominee than ever before (prior to the confirmation process) – he's on the right side of public opinion.  



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