Carbon taxes & cow farts - Important headlines for July 20th

Important headlines for July 20th  Carbon taxes & cow farts 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them...  

Hot Take: Why can't we have common sense environmental policy without regulating the hell out of businesses or attempting to tax behavior out of existence? The left routinely jumps the shark declaring the end of the world around every turn unless we embrace every carbon tax and every environmental theory ever advanced. Never mind the fact that – and I'm certain you've never heard this before but it's a scientific fact – the average cow creates as much pollution as the average person driving a car per day.  

The radicals will tell you that unless we stop emitting X amount of whatever greenhouse gas we're all going to be underwater in 50 years but what they won't tell you is that if you rode a horse instead you'd be polluting just as much. Which simply is to say that they're full of crap – which in and of itself is full of methane which is a greenhouse gas.  

Then you have Republicans which often seemingly won't embrace basic truths like the fact that we can and do mess up the environment. In case you need a reminder, forget about global warming and take a look at what we've done to Lake O', our waterways and the Everglades. Toxic Algae is ninety years of us thinking we can do nature better than nature. 

Here's the deal. We're all actually in this together because if we mess up our environment we all lose. It's not complicated. We need to be smarter. Solar's a good thing, period. And in South Florida it's a no-brainer as the technology gets better. Taxing behavior to stick it to industries you don't like is methane in the making (crap), it's based on a false premise. We all simply need to do a better job of taking care of our backyards. Looking to government for solutions is literally the opposite of what this country was founded on. People have natural incentives to do the right thing when you remove government manipulation from the process. Limited regulation with otherwise free markets create more efficient ways of living and powering life. It's the American way. We should learn to get back to it sometime. 



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