For germaphobes – the feature you've waited for is now available on Yelp

posted by Brian Mudd - 

For germaphobes – the feature you've waited for is now available on Yelp 

Bottom Line: When you're looking for a great restaurant that fits your mood, you also want to ensure that all you're consuming is good food. While most people don't seek out the health inspection information the moment you walk through the door, some do. Even if you aren't quite that motivated you've probably walked into a restaurant that made you question your decision to patronize them. Yelp's newest feature can help you before you walk into a restaurant and even after you have as well.  

Yelp's newest feature is the addition of health scores along with the other information about the restaurant. Germaphobes like me will rejoice but I'm pretty sure that many folks who might not naturally think about health reports would still be interested in having that information. It's liable to be eye opening.  Also, importantly, this added transparency and awareness should also light a fire under operators that might be inclined to cut corners or simply concerning themselves with "passing" health inspections rather than placing the highest priority on providing the safest product possible. It's a huge win for consumers and it'll properly reward those who deserve the positive attention while properly exposing those who deserve to be exposed. 


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