Hysterical Headlines for July 25th – The FBI did it to themselves

Hysterical Headlines (Funny or Absurd) for July 25th  The FBI did it to themselves 

Bottom Line: Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them... 

Hot Take: It's stories like these that once again show that they just don't get it. On the surface this might seem objective enough and I have no doubt they thought they were when crafting this story. Here's the thing. It shows how little they understand about people who don't see the world the way they do.  

What they don't get is that Trump didn’t create a cult and there aren't tens of millions of Americans waiting around for him to tell them how to think. Donald Trump became President because of the failure of politics as usual with the political establishments and reflected the views of frustrations of tens of millions of Americans. In other words, Trump reflects his supporters, not the other way around. That's why his approval rating is the highest among Republicans of any President on record. It's the Presidential version of managing with the input of your team rather than top down management. 

So, here's the thing. Donald Trump didn't tell Republicans to sour on the FBI. You might imagine that learning a top-level FBI agent rigging the Clinton investigation wouldn't be viewed favorability by Republicans. You might imagine that a top-level FBI agent using fraudulent information to spy on Donald Trump's campaign wouldn't be viewed favorably by Republicans. You might imagine that a top-level FBI agent suggesting he can "smell" Trump voters in Wal-Mart wouldn't be viewed favorably by Republicans. And you might suspect that a top-level FBI agent saying he'd stop Donald Trump from becoming President wouldn't be viewed favorably by Republicans.  

What's disturbing is that we're only talking about Republicans. When did Democrats and their allies in the media become so tolerant of corruption that they aren't leading the charge to demand full accountability with all of the aforementioned corruption?  

Hot Take: Let me guess, the family is just a front for an evil gremlin who comes out at night to beat puppies and eat children? You have a judge who's served in DC since 2006 and worked with the President previously. There aren't many secrets here Pat. Or many disqualifying "truths" either. Other than the truth that elections have consequences and your party has done everything possible to attempt to prevent this President from doing what he was elected to do. But fortunately you've failed and the country is doing the best it has in a generation. See the irony? Just as you'll fail to smear and slander Brett Kavanaugh.  

Hot Take: Quick question. Anyone find it ironic that wanna be's in the media criticize President Trump for not being "Presidential" with his rhetoric? What about the hypocrisy by news outlets that outrageously slander the president with their rhetoric? Also, is this acknowledgement that the utterly corrupt deep-state that attempted to fix the 2016 election and to undermine President Trump from the day he took office has been defeated? If so, that's one more reason that I'll be sure to vote to constrain the lunatics in Washington. You know the ones that can smell Trump voters in stores and will stop the will of the voters by any means necessary 

Hot Take: But not before Jeff Zucker took CNN down the path of irrelevance... 

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