The best Labor Day in years – aside from the weather

The best Labor Day in years – aside from the weather 

Bottom Line: These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them...  

Excerpt: Nearly half of Florida workers surveyed — 49 percent — say they’re happy with their jobs, now that there is more job security, according to a report by The Conference Board, an independent research group in New York City. 

Some workers may even be seeing higher wages, which is a factor in job satisfaction. Across the United States, more than half — 51 percent — of workers said they were satisfied with their jobs, the highest result in the annual survey since 2005, The Conference Board said. A tighter labor market leads to higher job satisfaction, the survey results show. 

Hot Take: So, aside from a tropical storm literally raining out our Labor Day, it was the happiest one we’ve had in thirteen years nationally and throughout Florida. The top two reasons citied for the best feelings about our jobs in well over a decade comes down to making more money and the job security that comes along with today’s low unemployment rate. What’s more is the trend’s only continuing to improve. Last week the fewest Americans filed for unemployment in 50 years! In Florida we’ve finally seen income growth rise by 3% for the average person for the first time in well over a decade as well. The economy really is performing so well the outcomes are historic. Here are current highlights: 

  • Best year over year wage growth in 12 years 
  • Best year over year economic growth in 13 years 
  • Lowest unemployment rate in 18 years 
  • Lowest new unemployment filings in 50 years 
  • Record low unemployment rates for black and Hispanic adults  
  • Record low female unemployment rates 
  • Record high stock market performance 
  • Record high 401k balances 
  • Record net worth for the average American 

That’s a compelling story and it’s one that’s important with elections two months away. We have a strong economy that’s only still improving with all of the benefits that come along with it. Why would we want to dramatically alter the path we’re on economically in Florida or across the country. Love them or hate them the policies of Governor Scott and President Trump are working and thier critics have been demonstrably wrong. Those voting for the opposite approach this November will literally be voting against their economic interests. The contrast in policy has never been more clear. 

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