How big is expanded sports gambling for the NFL? It’s huge

How big is expanded sports gambling for the NFL? We have an idea & it’s huge 

Bottom Line: NFL ratings were a mixed bag in week 1, which could be considered a win at this point given the biggest story entering week one was once again Colin Kaepernick. Several analysts suggested expanded sports gambling, in the wake of the recent Supreme Court Ruling, would lead to increased interest in the games and higher ratings. While it’ll take a little time to figure out the ratings impact of increased gambling, the estimates for the NFL’s coffers suggests it’s huge.  

Nielsen recently wrapped up a study for the American Gaming Association with the purpose of measuring the impact of expanded sports gambling on the NFL. They found it has the potential to add 16% more revenue, around $2.3 billion, in annual revenue in the NFL. It’s not just the potential for increased interest by gamblers. It’s also the likely huge increase in advertising by those in the gaming industry – essentially adding a new, top advertising category for the league. In the American Gaming Association’s research 31% of NFL fans surveyed said they intend to gamble on games once they’ll able to do so. Currently only 12% of NFL fans gamble on the games. That’s a powerful story that has the potential to Trump (pun intended) many of the NFL’s recent protest problems.  



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