How good is the economy? Better than ever according to us

How good is the economy? Better than ever according to us 

Bottom Line: It’s one thing when the President tweets about the economy being better than ever. It’s quite another when it’s the average American confirming it. Right along I’ve shared highlights of the current state of the US economy which include... 

  • Best economic growth in 13 years 
  • Best real unemployment rate in over 17 years 
  • Lowest overall unemployment rate in over 18 years 
  • Best year over year wage growth in 10 years 
  • Highest increase in net take home pay in 32 years 
  • Record low unemployment for minorities and women

Not surprisingly this information is seldom if ever disseminated in traditional news media but as I’ve always said... You can lie to people about what they don’t know but you can’t lie to them about what is or isn’t in their wallet. Gallup’s latest research bears this out yet again. Simply, when the economy isn’t good – it's far and away the biggest concern of the average American. When it isn’t a big concern, you know that it’s super strong. According to Gallup’s latest a record low number of Americans cite the economy as a top issue. Just 12% of Americans cite it as a top concern. This broke the previous record low of 13% in 1999, when the economy was in the mist of the dot com economic boom.  

By comparison, a record high 86% of Americans cited it as a top concern entering 2009 during the Great Recession. Gallup has tracked this question since 1939 and in its current format since 1991. This isn’t to say that everything’s perfect and there isn’t room for improvement – there always is as evidenced by the 12% that are still expressing their concern but it’s better than has ever been surveyed by the country’s longest running polling firm on the subject. It’s also something that’s not reflected in the news media that’s often bent by its own agenda (which isn’t the prosperity of as many Americans as possible). 



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