Sun Sentinel sells its soul to Andrew Gillum – what you should consider

Sun Sentinel sells its soul to Andrew Gillum – what you should consider 

Excerpt: The Sun Sentinel endorses Democrat Andrew Gillum for governor because his positions would better serve Florida

Bottom Line: Yeah, a 41% increase in business taxes would certainly serve Florida better alright. Look, I’ve taken issue with editorial boards at papers endorsing candidates for as long as I’ve been behind a microphone, so in this respect it’s no different this time that I question the legitimacy of any theoretically objective news agency that has an editorial arm that tells you who to vote for. It’s an out-and-out insult. If a news outlet were doing a credible job covering the campaigns, news, etc., comprehensively and effectively it’s consumers would know who to vote for based on their convictions (rather than a bunch of political hacks that pose as thoughtful, insightful intellectuals). But that’s in your average election. This isn’t your average election and Andrew Gillum doesn’t represent your status quo candidate.  

Andrew Gillum is demonstrably the most extreme major party candidate we’ve ever had. First, and notably, Gillum’s messaging commonly isn’t even about anything the Governor of Florida has influence over or is tasked with doing. He’s run a campaign on a theme of impeaching the President of the United States. It’s outrageous in every conceivable way for a candidate for Governor to run on that messaging. It’s even more outrageous for that to be endorsed by, what pretends to be, a legitimate news agency. It’s even more ironic when you consider that Floridians choose Donald Trump to be the President of the United States. But Gillum’s gubernatorial bid to impeach the president isn’t the only thing he’s running on that has nothing what-so-ever to do with Florida policy and his role if elected. Last Thursday after Christine Ford had completed her portion of the hearing but prior to Brett Kavanaugh having his – he put out a note in support of her and demanding Kavanaugh withdraw.  

Due process? Innocent until proven guilty? Not in Andrew Gillum’s Florida. But why should Floridians care about that right? Again, no critical thinking, no sense of right and wrong. And I don’t care how far removed from economic reality one is...a 41% tax increase on business in Florida will hurt our economy, jobs and wage growth. Period. But hey, at least that’s a Florida issue.  

I’ve run analysis of how Gillum’s positions wash politically compared with the macro politics and the United States as a whole. Only 11.6% of Americans hold positions to the left of Gillum. In Florida, we’re right in the middle politically as you’d expect. We’re 25th in terms of political bend. That means that Andrew Gillum is to the left of approx. 88% of Floridians. This isn’t a conversation about Gwen Graham vs. Ron DeSantis. This is a question about someone who’s far more objectively a political radical who’d be taking over the state with the 2nd best economic performance over the past 7.5 years. And that seems like a good idea why again? 

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