The most pervasive form of media bias is omitting...

The most pervasive form of media bias is omitting...  

Excerpt: Trump has been enjoying a rare string of good news. The economy is humming and the jobless rate just hit a 49-year low. Trump won an intense battle over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. He secured a replacement for Nafta. His poll numbers are edging up. And Republican prospects in the midterm elections appear to have improved. 

But according to the Gallup Poll, Trump's approval rating as of his 632nd day in office was 44%. As a matter of fact, Trump's approval rating is now higher than, or tied with, three of the past six presidents at this point in their first terms. He's currently tied with Obama (at 44%), and above both Clinton (41%) and Reagan (42%). 

Bottom Line: Every Friday in my weekly wrap up I illustrate the point that’s finally being articulated elsewhere. That despite the 92% negative coverage of his administration, according to the Media Research Center, President Trump’s approval rating compares favorably to predecessors – especially President Obama. In fact, when you look at likely voters President Trump is outperforming President Obama by about 3 points at this same point in his Presidency. But how often do you or will you hear this? Likely as often as you have up to this point. To the extent you hear polling you likely hear about his disapproval ratings and zero context with the typical trends at this point in the cycle. But once again if media’s dishonesty and omitting was so successful you wouldn’t have a President Trump in the first place. 



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