South Florida media is more interested in resisting than doing their jobs

South Florida media is more interested in resisting than doing their jobs 

Excerpt: There is no evidence of voter fraud in Broward County, according to election monitors from the state’s Division of Elections who have been stationed there since at least Election Day. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has not received a request in writing to investigate voter fraud from Scott. And the Florida Department of State said Monday their staff has “not seen any evidence of criminal activity in Broward County at this time. ” 

Bottom Line: I don’t mean to specifically pick on the Miami Herald – it could be just about any South Florida media outlet. Today I have a three-part story demonstrating the legal definition of voter (electoral) fraud, depicting the many different forms of fraud and illustrating actions that are known to have occurred that arrive at the legal definition of Electoral fraud. Instead what’s pointed out here is that at best election monitors are incompetent given the numerous laws that’d been broken without concern on their part. They also clearly don’t have the first clue about what voter fraud actually is. It’s OK, most people don’t but it doesn’t justify their inclusions as expert witnesses either. Instead, without realizing it, the Miami Herald makes the most important point of all. The FDLE never investigated anything. Thus, and let me be crystal clear on this point as well, everyone who’s reported that the FDLE investigation didn’t reveal fraud – is so incredibly incompetent and irresponsible that they didn’t even inform themselves enough to know that there wasn’t an actual FDLE investigation! 

This is one of those moments, based on that little factoid, where you can clearly ID credible sources of information from the rest...



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