This just in. Guns (still) don’t kill people. People (still) kill people –

This just in. Guns (still) don’t kill people. People (still) kill people – Part 2 

Bottom Line: According to CDC data from 2016, the most recent year available. 61% of deaths attributed to guns are suicide. This all gets back to the same place. Why? What’s wrong with people? There’s certainly no singular answer but again the issues we’re faced with today are generally worse than they used to be despite the strictest guns laws we’ve ever had in the U.S. has anyone taken the time to think about that for a few minutes? Full on automatic machine guns were legal until the mid-80's and we didn’t have the types of atrocities we’ve seen like what happened in Pulse or Stoneman Douglas. I’ve taken the time to illustrate the bigger issues. Notably that a decline in religion in the US is directly linked to an increase in mental health issues and violence. And even Harvard seemingly buried their own research on that one. It’s not complicated. Higher morality as a society will lead to less violence. Need proof? In generations prior when we had God and religion in schools and society generally but much less strict gun policy, we didn’t have the proliferation of violence we’ve experienced over the past couple of decades.  

Much stricter gun policy but much less religion/morality in our society has led us to where we are today. Is anyone willing to have an honest and objective conversation about these realities or have your politics become your religion? I agree that this issue, this problem, is way too important, way too significant - to turn our backs on. So why, if you’re simply advocating for more gun control, are you choosing to do so? More of the same will get you more of the same. What’s ironic and what’s worse – that the same political persuasion that exacerbated these problems by eliminating God and faith from our schools and our society is the same political persuasion still focused on inanimate objects rather than what’s broken within people who’d use them to harm others.  

If you look to God, you’ll find answers. If you look to government, you’ll continue to fail. 

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