We’re - the United States - where the world wants to be

We’re - the United States - where the world wants to be 

Bottom Line: Remember how media conditioned us to believe that the entire world hates us because we elected Donald Trump and no one wants to be here? Remember those stories about Americans fleeing the US for Canada after the 2016 election? Well, a funny thing has happened. More people want to come to the US to live permanently than ever before.  

A Gallup world-wide study found the following... 

  • 158 million people want to permanently relocate to the United States (Canada is 2nd at 47 million) 

  • 21% of all people who want to relocate to another country want to come to the United States (second is Canada and Germany at 6%) 

  • Half or more of the residents of Congo, El Salvador, Albania, Haiti, Liberia and Sierra Leone want to leave their countries  

To put this in perspective, if we’d allow essentially open borders as many have been advocating for – led by Pueblo Sin Fronteras – the organizer of the Honduran Caravan, we’d have people equaling half of the US population enter the US. According to a recent study from the Pew Research Center, only 24% of Americans believe we should be taking in more immigrants than we already are, in the United States – while 29% feel we should take in fewer. It’s paints a view of the potential points of failure of not properly maintaining our borders and sound legal immigration policy. If we were to become lax it’s clear that it could quickly become unsustainable. Especially with the recent revelation that 63% of non-citizens are on at least one welfare program.

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