Florida's take two on school board term limits

Florida’s take two on school board term limits

Bottom Line: Last year the Florida Supreme Court cleared 12 Amendments to appear on our ballots. Some of them had multiple unrelated concepts on them via bundles by the Constitution Revision Commission. But one, Amendment 8, wasn’t cleared by that same Supreme Court. Amendment 8 proposed term limits for school board members, mandated civic literacy in schools and would have allowed for charter schools to be governed independently of local school boards. 

There’s no Amendment I would have been a bigger supporter of last year had we been given the chance to vote on it. It’s a new year, we have a new Governor, a new Supreme Court and Florida’s legislature is moving ahead with a measure in the state session to approve term limits for school boards to two four-year terms. Should it pass in the state session it will be advanced for inclusion on our 2020 ballots. I’ll keep you posted. 

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