The reason more progress isn't made. The NAACP's effort to keep race alive

The reason more progress isn’t made. TheNAACP’s effort to keep racism alive

Excerpt: The Florida branch of the nation’s best-known civil rights organization issued a stern warning Tuesday to Gov. Ron DeSantis: Don’t go after Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie.

Adora ObiNweze, president of NAACP Florida State Conference and member of the national NAACP board of directors, said that actions taken “with the goal of removing a black Superintendent, the NAACP believes this would be an extreme overreach, highly political and racist.”

Bottom Line: There are multiple frustrations that I have with the desire to take a bad situation, racism and make it worse. First is, that often-theoretical civil rights groups are among the biggest offenders not to adhere to Dr. Martin Luther King’s message (not to judge people by the color of skin but rather than by content of character). Second, is that whether it’s politics, political-correctness or some other form of journalistic malpractice, news media tasked with accountability won’t take organizations like the NAACP to task for obvious race-baiting and excuse making. Even in this story Anthony Man of the Sentinel went further out of his way to attempt to draw attention to the DeSantis comment claimed to be racist after the primaries than holding the NAACP to account for making such baseless outlandish claims. 

NAACP, quick question, wasitracism that led to Scott Israel being removed from office? How about school superintendent Mary Beth Jackson? But should the governortake actionagainst any Broward School Board members that would be,right? What’s the real message here anyway? It doesn’t matter if students die needlessly and a year laterstill remainunsafe at school as long as the Superintendent is black? I’ve watched and reported on the absurdity and abuse of the platform of the NAACP for years. Racism is unfortunately around and due to the failings of the human condition always will be. But to interject race as an issue where it doesn’t exist as a form of political weapon is itself a form racial injustice. It’s sad that organizations like the NAACP has stooped to these lows to attempt to retain power and exact political outcomes. 

It flies in the face of Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream and it’s wrong – potentially even dangerous for society.

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