The science of life & the real scandal in Virginia

Q&A of the day – A matter science, life and death in New York and Virginia

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Today’s note comes from Steve: 

First, they made killing an early fetus legal. Then, they made killing a midterm baby legal. Then, they made killing a later term baby legal. Now, they want to make killing a new born baby legal. What's next? Killing a 1 month old is legal? 2 months old? 1 year old? When does it stop? Is this what they call "progressive"? Are the people making these decisions so arrogant that they think they can play GOD and decide who lives and who dies?

Bottom Line: This is a teachable moment. The actions recently taken in New York and Virginia clearly show the hypocrisy of these politicians who’ve ignored science while generally espousing that they’re otherwise driven by it when making decisions. The scientific definition of life is...




  • the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Now, take the scientific definition and apply it to the abortion argument generally. There are yes and no answers to all of these circumstances. As early as conception is there:

  1. The capacity for growth? - Yes
  2. Potential to reproduce? - Yes
  3. Potential for functional activity? - Yes
  4. Continual change preceding death? - Yes

Pregnancy, as early as conception, fits every scientific characteristic of life. In the case of abortion, we’re discussing human life. That’s the premise here. The latest actions taken in New York and Virginia simply demonstrate the extent to which these politicians are comfortable with the elimination of human life. 

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