Q&A of the day – About Socialism

Q&A of the day –About Socialism

It’s the Q&A of the day. Each day I’ll feature a listener question that’s been submitted by one of these methods. 

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Today’s question was submitted on Twitter...@brianmuddradiocan you research FACTS when SOCIALISM starts, their economy production unemployment, government revenue, salary % changes and the VALUE of their currency?Thanks

Bottom Line: Ok, trying to get to the root of this one for ease of understanding is challenging. Because of the changes in governments in various countries overtime, inflation that’s different based on the country, etc. It’s near impossible to provide a completely clean analysis of the changes overtime once Socialism is implemented. What I’ve put together instead is a look at what life is currently like inside of Socialist countries. It’s telling. First, there are currently 22 countries with socialist governments. They are broken up into three different types of socialism. 

12 – Democratic Socialism

6– Socialism 

4 – Socialism of the 21st Century

Here’s what the average GDP per capita is adjusted for US Dollars is based on form of Government...

Democratic Socialism: $9,696

Socialism of the 21st Century: $12,752

Socialism: $10,584

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t include any Communist governments. Greece is the most notable Socialist country while Venezuela's government is Socialism of the 21st Century. What you can generally see is that the citizens of these countries are all fairly equally miserable. By comparison here is the United States GDP per capita: $62,518...

Our system of government allows for literally 6.4 times the economic output of Democratic Socialism, 4.9 times Socialism of the 21st Century and 5.9 times good ole’ fashioned Socialism. What’s most ironic, at least for me, in this exercise is that the beloved notion of “Democratic Socialism” that’s supposed to be the Bernie-Sanders, AOC, Andrew Gillum version done best – is literally the worst version of the whole rotten bunch. There are two sides to stories and one side to facts. Fact is if you wish to have a standard of living that’s about a fifth of what it is right now, vote for socialism. If not, learn a little something here and vote accordingly. 

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