Governor DeSantis has reversed a record number of Scott appointments

Governor DeSantis just reversed a record number of Scott appointments across Florida

Bottom Line: I’ve spent a fair amount of time pointing out the vast differences between Governor DeSantis and former Governor Scott (including prior to DeSantis taking office). In the first six weeks on the job, the differences have been evident, and Floridians have responded with record high approval for Governor DeSantis. We’ve seen notable changes in personnel highlighted by suspensions of Broward’s sheriff, Palm Beach County’s Supervisor of Elections and a suspended Okaloosa school superintendent. More recently, the focus on personnel changes has been on Ron’s successful effort to remake the South Florida Water Management District board which is still a work in process. But those are far from being the only instances of significant personnel turnover from one governor’s administration to another. 

Governor DeSantis promised to review numerous late Rick Scott appointments to various posts across the state. He’s now completed the review of those appointments and we have a record number of reversals taking place. On Friday the governor announced 169 officials appointed to their positions by Governor Scott that have now been revoked. All in Ron has now removed 215 Scott appointments from their designated positions within state government. 

To put it all in perspective Ron hasn’t just undone what Governor Scott was trying to do on his way out the door to the US Senate, he’s now removed more Scott officials than were appointed in the entire final year he was in office. In other words, it’s clear that for everything we see and understand that’s changed with Ron DeSantis – there's at least as much changing behind the scenes that’s removed from the day-to-day headlines. 

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