Vaping – it's evident it's better than traditional smoking

The tangled web woven by Vaping – it's evident it’s better than traditional smoking

Bottom Line: Despite being commonly treated the same as traditional cigarette smoking in today’s society(including a new Florida amendment treating it equitably), vaping is doubtlessly a better alternative. It was always just a matter of common sense. There are approximately 7,000 chemicals in a typical cigarette and of course the smoke. If everything else were the same but you didn’t have 7,000 chemicals you’re ingesting regularly, you’d imagine you’d be better off. Getting rid of the smoke in lieu of vapor would likely be a better switch for your lungs too. The latest study of specifically Juul users highlights these benefits... 

Researcher Celerion recently completed a study on Juul users vs those who’d stopped smoking altogether. Saturday the results were presented at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco's annual meeting... Here were the results:

  • Juul only users retained only .4% of the “biomarkers” of smokers 

In other words, yes, it’s better to quit smoking altogether than to use the Juul, or presumably other like products, but 99.6% of the negative aspect of smoking aren’t present with these users. Something else that was a positive habit change for those in this study – the amount of nicotine consumed. 

The average Juul only user consumes 26% less nicotine than they did when they were smoking traditional cigarettes. These are meaningful results. The challenge of course is balance. As we’ve recently seen – teens using vaping devices can lead to increased rates of smoking. But as a practical application to quit smoking or as alternative to smoking – it's clear from all recent research – it's a healthier alternative.

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