Border Patrol calls out Democrats for playing politics during a crisis

Border Patrol calls out Democrats in Congress for playing politics during a crisis

Excerpt: National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art Del Cueto challenged Democrats critical of President Donald Trump's threat to close the to travel there themselves and talk to agents on the ground.

On “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday, Cueto acknowledged the president’s threat to close the border is “an extreme measure” but said it is one of the best options.

“We support whatever the president’s able to do and at this point when you have a country that’s facilitating these individuals to come through, what else do you have as an option?” Cueto asked.

He added, “Because of what we’re seeing and the emergency and the overrunning in our facilities and the agents being removed from certain law enforcement positions so they can do processing and take care of these overcrowded cells, that seems to be one of the best options right now.”

Bottom Line: Two sides to stories and one side to facts. I’ve mentioned that according to the Border Patrol definition of a crisis we’re pacing a crush of people that’s now more than double that threshold. And yet, Democrats chastise President Trump for declaring an emergency and want to assert there isn’t a crisis. Well, I guess that’s right because this is whatever a crisis times two happens to be. According to the Border Patrol there are more than 2,700 people, that we’re aware of, gaining access to our country every day. Let me put this in perspective. At the current pace of influx,we’d take on 990,000+, generally illegal, immigrants annually. That’s more than the population of six states! If that’s not an emergency at the border what is? 

The only mandated responsibility of our federally elected officials is to provide for our protection as Americans. We have a political party that’s literally standing in opposition to providing it. That’s not only a violation of their oath of office. It’s literally anti-American. The Border Patrol is so desperate they’re making the plea for assistance to anyone who’ll listen and inviting Democrats to the border to see first-hand what’s happening. Remember last year when Democrats thought they could successfully exploit the family separation issue at the border? Many, including numerous South Florida officials had no problem making the trip for that purpose but now that they don’t see a political win, where are they? The Border Patrol would like to know,and we should all be demanding answers.

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