AG Barr: Trump campaign was spied on – These are the implications

AG Barr: Trump campaign was spied on – These are the implications

Bottom Line:On March 29th I brought you a four-part series breaking down the Mueller Probe, deep state and AG Bill Barr’s current role in accountability. The third part of that series was the story Muller Report Timeline – Time for the tables to turn.

In light of what we’ve learned from the AG, who stated that he believes that the Trump campaign was spied on, I was once again ahead of the curve and right on the money. I laid out these prospects and this information...

Now that the Muller Report has dropped and it’s evident once and for all that there wasn’t Trump-Russia collision that led President Trump to victory in 2016, the question becomes one of what’s next? This can go one of two ways. 

#1: AG William Barr ends this egregious chapter in American history and moves on

#2: AG William Barr begins the accountability process for the deep-state actors who fraudulently conspired against Donald Trump and later his administration

February 2nd of 2018, the day the Nunes memo was dropped, I created my “30 Count Indictment” based on the House investigation into all of the illegal deep-state activities that brought about the Mueller probe in the first place. Here are all of the deep-state actors exposed to have played an illegal role in the conspiracy to frame Donald Trump.


  • Director James Comey
  • Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
  • Attorney Lisa Page
  • Special Agent PeterStrozk

Justice Department:

  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
  • Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates
  • Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr
  • Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente


  • Christopher Steele (former FBI informant) working for Fusion GPS
  • Nellie Ohr with Fusion GPS and wife of Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr
  • Perkins Coie – Law firm used to funnel payments for information used against Trump
  • The Democratic National Committee
  • Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Committee

I want to emphasize that these are just the names publicly made available in the unredacted portions of the House investigation released over a year ago. Also, importantly, despite widespread Democratic opposition to the statements of fact at the time of the release, there’s still not one of these individuals, nor anyone in news media whose disproven any of the findings in the investigation. So where do we go from here? Turn the page or turn up the heat on the deep-state? I believe the time for accountability beings now.

It’s evident that AG Bill Barr has chosen accountability. This shouldn’t be about partisan politics. This should be about the rule of law and equitable treatment under it. I don’t know exactly how this story ends but I remain optimistic that right beats wrong and good still beats evil.

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