Our love, hate, love relationship with social media continues...

Our love, hate, love relationship with social media continues...

Bottom Line: I’m convinced social media is the hot burner than we’ll continue to touch. FOMO is without a doubt a real thing. And with mobile devices always in reach – we’re more than willing to keep checking in on all of our least favorite social media sites that we can’t stay away from...

In life there are rule breakers and paradigm shifts. Social media has proven to be one of them. In every other business model I’ve ever studied, a company that made a majority of its customers unhappy regularly would die a quick death. With social media – we're clearly willing to take the bad with the good. The Pew Research Center is out with their updated social media study for 2019 usage and here’s the scorecard...

Percentage of adults who use these services...

  • YouTube: 73%
  • Facebook: 69%
  • Instagram: 37%
  • Pinterest: 28%
  • LinkedIn: 27%
  • Snapchat: 24%
  • Twitter: 22%
  • What’s App: 20%

But here’s the biggest surprise. Of those seven platforms,overall social media use did drop year over year for five of those platforms. That’s not the surprise. Can you guess the two that grew? If you guessed Facebook and Instagram – you're correct. 

Yes, ironically enough the two maligned Facebook products were the two that actually gained usage. Facebook has gained users again after a dip last year and is back to tying record levels of users. Meanwhile Instagram continues to grow and is currently at a new record high with overall users. You might hate Facebook, but the odds are you’re still using it.



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