Revisited - Border Crisis: The illegitimacy of most asylum seekers

Border Crisis: The illegitimacy of most asylum seekers

Bottom Line: With renewed emphasis on the Homeland Child Detention Center, due to South Florida Representatives attempting to obtain unauthorized access comes this... What’s really happening with those being detained at the southern border seeking asylum. According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services information in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, we have the latest information on the crush of asylum seekers entering the US and how generally illegitimate the cases happen to be. I also pulled historical information for context.

Entering 2018 the average number of asylum applications applied for averaged 53,000 per year from 2000 through 2017. During that time approximately 35% of those seeking asylum were granted it once their cases were processed. In other words, even historically, the majority of asylum claims have been illegitimate in the United States. Still, the number had been manageable. With the advent of the organized caravans complete with the perception and coaching by groups like Pubelo Sin Fronteras, of the ability to obtain American status/benefits, the current backlog of asylum cases is over 800,000.

Let me put that in perspective. There are currently about 15 years’ worth of asylum seekers in our system right now. And that’s not a crisis? Not a national emergency? What’s more is that we’re also seeing how bogus most of these cases are once they’re heard. Of the most recent cases reported here’s the scorecard: 

  • 161,000 cases processed 
  • 13,160 people granted asylum

That’s only an 8% success rate. To put it another way, 92% of asylum seekers at our southern border are currently border crashers without legitimate claims. Rather than the focus being placed on these facts – you've likely not heard them addressed. The most pervasive form of bias in news media remains omitting information.

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