If you want to keep your cats healthy...

If you want to keep your cats healthy – keep them indoors

Bottom Line: Most cats will take the opportunity to adventure outdoors given the opportunity. But instinct, their sense of adventure and their health don’t go hand-in-hand. If you love your cats and you want to keep them, and you, healthy – keep them indoors. This according to a new scientific study published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters. Here’s what they found... 

Cats are especially susceptible to pathogens and parasites. And unless your living arrangements are generally open-air you probably have far fewer of them indoors. According to their research, cats that were indoor/outdoor are 300% more likely to become infected or diseased, then those who were strictly indoor. And aside from keeping them healthy here’s the part about you. 

Multiple feline infections are contagious to humans. So, the more likely your cats are to be ill – the more likely you are as well. 

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