Q&A of the Day – Google's search scandal & other options for email & search

Q&A of the Day – Google’s political scandal & other options for email & search

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Google needs to be broken up! Thank you for bringing this to light! Do you think stopping Google will help or are they already too big? Can we really trust other technology companies as alternatives?

Bottom Line: Earlier this week, with the latest Project Veritas expose released demonstrating exactly how Google has gone about systematically programming biased search results through a program called “ML Fairness”, I took a little time to explain what had been uncovered. In short, the very engineering docs used to create the algorithms that produce search results were revealed. At several intervals in the algorithms you’re shown where programmed bias is factored in. The programmed bias is political and social. Not only was that revealed by the insider whistle-blower who produced these docs, but it was admitted on a video recording by Jen Genai, Google’s head of “Responsible Innovation”. She made it clear that they were doing everything they could to prevent another “Trump situation”in the future. In fact, she admitted Google’s been back testing their search changes to attempt to see if the results of the 2016 election would have been different with these changes in place.

Aside from the actual docs, a whistle-blower and top executive being presented – during the Project Veritas expose, it was also demonstrated how search results were manipulated. It was done in a way in which you could follow along and personally test what was being explained to clearly, without question, witness Google’s programmed algorithmic political and social bias. You’d think a scandal so clearly demonstrated would be a ground breaking story for the leading search company in the world but remarkably but perhaps not surprisingly, MSM has all but ignored this story. Once again, the most pervasive form of bias in news media is omitting information. But here’s who hasn’t ignored it. Google. Since the original posting here are actions taken by the company to attempt to bury this scandal. 

  • YouTube removed the expose
  • Jen Genai deleted her Twitter account & made her Instagram account private
  • The whistle-blower deleted his Facebook page

What’s demonstrated in the expose is beyond dispute. That’s why Google’s doing what it can to bury it and likely the motivation for most news outlets to ignore an explosive story of corruption to attempt to influence political elections and social norms.Now about your question regarding Google. Is it too big to hurt from those who stop using their services? Absolutely not.

I’ve heard from several who’ve deleted accounts, changed email address are looking at buying new mobiles devices, etc. Remember, the internet is rife with giants that are either no longer around or are shells of their former selves. This includes companies like American Online, Netscape, Yahoo, Research-In-Motion, etc. 

I’ve never been a person who gets behind boycott efforts, but I do believe in making personal decisions based on what’s in our best interests. As for trusting other technology companies. Yes, to an extent. Maybe I’ve naïve but I’m not a buyer with conspiracy theories. I don’t think everyone in technology is out to get conservatives for example. I’m perfectly at peace with companies like Apple and Microsoft until proven otherwise. But that’s just me and again I’ve brought you the information. These decisions are about your personal choice. Firefox is the least data intrusive browser of the majors and there are email options that aren’t controlled by the largest technology companies as well if you’re inclined. 

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