Q&A of the Day – Ice Raids - Public officials who aid illegal immigrants

Q&A of the Day – Ice Raids - About public officials who aid illegal immigrants

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I've listened to your program daily for years. Very informative. Thank you for your diligent and provocative programming.

Our country attracts many immigrants and has been for years. My family as well as my wife's are first or second generation Americans.This is a nation whose foundation is based upon our Constitution. Whether or not many immigrants understand the significance of this model document, it is the principal reason for their thirst to live in this great nation as it IS the unique foundation that, in most cases, distinguishes this new homeland from the one that each immigrant is running away from. For a citizen to support lawlessness is to eventually create the very way of life most immigrants have evaded in the first place. The irony is in the nearsightedness and selfishness of so many national politicians in power who would prefer to ASSIST lawlessness abandoning their oaths as US elected public trustees. These elected individuals are abetting the deterioration of the greatest nation in the world's history for personal gain.

Can you please consider whether or not it would be constructive or destructive in charging any US elected official, ie, Mayor, etc., with AIDING and ABETTING and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE by assisting an individual, specifically working against ICE, who has been processed through judicial consideration and sentenced to be deported from the United States.

Bottom Line: I couldn’t say it better myself. I’ve been horrified watching/listening to elected leaders, From House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to South Florida Representatives, Frankel, Murcusal-Powell and Shalala advocate on behalf of illegal immigrants over the rule of law. You’re right, opting for what they perceive as political expediency today over the rule of law and our Constitution has the potential to eventually destroy the country. Without the Constitutional rights we’re afforded as Americans and equal protections under the law, it’s game over for the Republic. I do remain cautiously optimistic that good trumps evil, good beats bad and the rule of law will prevail over lawlessness. I also think legal immigrants such as your family, hold the key to saving the Republic from lawlessness. 

It’s not complicated from a political perspective. If it’s not good politics to advocate for illegal immigrants, the Democrats who’re doing it would stop. If for no other reason than losing elections. This is key. There’s this MSM notion advanced that deporting illegal immigrants is an immigration issue. It isn’t. It’s the rule of law. It’s no more a political issue than any crime tried and prosecuted in our legal system.

The most recent research work on this topic I’ve seen suggests that 64% of legal immigrants in the US don’t support any changes to easing US immigration laws and enforcement. In fact, nearly six in ten legal immigrants are also supportive of the expansion of the southern border wall. It’s perfectly logical. People like you and your family who’ve done it the right way and care, generally don’t want others who don’t respect the country enough to do it the right way to have status handed to them. The key becomes how one votes. It’s not just about electing Republicans over Democrats in these Congressional elections with officials who advocate for lawlessness. It’s about electing Democrats who believe in right and wrong, the Constitution and rule of law. That needs to happen during the primary process. Democrats with integrity need to take their party back from lawless officials. Nothing about these ICE Raids or the deportation of those who’ve been court ordered to be deported should ever be a political issue, let alone a partisan one. As for the enforcement against public officials...Yes, yes & yes. 

The recently passed “sanctuary” law by Florida includes accountability measures that can be enforced against public officials who violate federal and state laws governing illegal immigration. This includes the removal from office by the governor. That kicks in October 1st, though South Miami is suing to try to stop it (interestingly given that we were told there weren’t any sanctuary actors in Florida prior to the law being signed). It’s needed in my mind and most of the elected officials in Florida agree. To be continued.

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