Q&A of the Day – President Trump's “Squad” Tweets. Racist or strategic? 

Q&A of the Day – President Trump’s “Squad” Tweets. Racist or strategic? 

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Today’s entry... Based on my BBC commentary yesterday regarding President Trump’s tweets aimed at the “Squad” (the nickname of the Democrat’s freshman four led by AOC). Here’s a Twitter exchange with a viewer.

Viewer: His strategy is publicly embracing racism to shore up his base support.

Me: So, 46% of Americans are racists according to you?

Viewer: I think most if not all of his core supporters are. How could they endorse his obvious bigotry otherwise? You'd have to be pretty dim not to see him for what he is.

Bottom Line: This summarizes the thoughts of many who don’t objectively evaluate information and hold animus for President Trump. He’s a racist and you are too if you’re a supporter. There’s only one problem with this argument of course. Reality. Now, this isn’t a defense of President Trump against those who’d accuse him of being a racist. I deal in empirical information and this argument is being advanced on a false premise. 

What did the President tweet that was racist? That the four members of Congress should go back where they came from? That’s not racist. You might not like it. You might perceive it however you wish but it’s not inherently racist. News media reporting fake news calling it racist doesn’t make it so. Nor do politicians. As for the notion that the President needs to shore up his base? Where. To. Begin. First, polling suggests that Ronald Reagan is the only President in the polling age with comparable support among those who voted for him previously. Second, we’re 16+ months away from the election. That doesn’t even make sense. 

As for 46%, or so, of Americans who support Trump being racist. Let’s talk about who they are for a moment. Trump’s base consists of:

  • 28% of Hispanics
  • 18% of Asians
  • 7% of Blacks

Are they racist too? Just curious. Again, unfounded nonsense. But here’s the thing. The bigger point. Why is it that we elect politicians? To represent our interests, correct? So let’s talk about what President Trump’s policies have done for minority groups.Lowest unemployment rate for every minority group in American history. That includes Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans. Additionally, women also have record low unemployment. Ironically enough the only demographic that hasn’t experienced record low unemployment in the Trump economy yet are white men. But he’s a racist and a bigot, right? But it’s not just employment. Record high wages for every minority group & a record high standard of living. If he's a racist he's failing miserably. But back to what I do see happening with President Trump’s provocative tweets. 

A battle has been brewing between the “Squad” and establishment Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. By President Trump stirring the pot the emphasis is on them. They stay in the spotlight. Nancy Pelosi is an afterthought in all of this. It has the potential to cause additional radicals like the “Squad” members to challenge establishment Democrats in primaries, including perhaps even Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco causing maximum division within the party from the onset of the 2020 cycle. Remember, no one had even heard the name AOC until still defeated one of the members of Democratic House leadership in a primary last year. Stay tuned but not to the fake news media.

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