UFO’s & skeptics of aliens and government

UFO’s & skeptics of aliens and government

Bottom Line: It wasn’t that long ago I had the first updated polling on our thoughts of UFO’s and the like. It’s just not that common of a thing. After all someone has to spend money to commission accredited polling data and well, this just hasn’t generally been that kind of priority for those who pay for polls. A few months ago, YouGov polled on the topic and we found that just over half of Americans believe in extraterrestrial life. Now Gallup’s polled on the topic and most Americans believe in government conspiracies on the topic. By the numbers...

  • 68% of Americans think the government is withholding info about UFO’s

More than two-thirds! That’s impressive. Even many people that don’t necessarily believe in extra-terrestrials think there’s a government conspiracy of some sort on the topic. Now that doesn’t necessary mean that most of those people think we’re being visited...just 33% say UFO’s are potentially alien spacecraft. But clearly many think there’s something to the story. Also, interesting is that the splits are essentially the same between men and women. All in 16% of Americans think they’ve personally witnessed a UFO that lacks a traditional explanation. 

The whole area 51 topic heating up might not be a good idea for those thinking they should attempt to visit the facility, but it has stirred up some interesting info that we don’t usually get from pollsters.



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