Jobs, jobs, everywhere there’s jobs

Jobs, jobs, everywhere there’s jobs

Bottom Line: Good news never gets old unless you’re attempting to spread fake news to cause an economic decline for the purpose of attempting to oust the President. In that case I guess it does.But in reality, we’refresh off of the monthly jobs report that included the following new economic records being set: 

  • Record low unemployment rates for Blacks and Hispanics
  • Lower unemployment rate for women than men
  • Average income up 3.2% year over year to greater than $50,000 

But wait there’s more good news. The most recent JOLTS report (showing job openings vs people looking for work) suggests there’s nothing but continued opportunity ahead. We still have 1.17 million more job openings than people looking for work. This essentially tells us that just about anyone looking for work can find it and secondly, that the jump in wages is no doubt going to continue. That’s great news for employees and it’s great news for the economy. It also illustrates the continued unprecedented opportunity in the workplace. If you’ve wanted work, there’s never been a better time. Regardless of race or gender. If you want to switch jobs or careers – ditto. That’s not to say everything’s perfect and everyone’s benefiting equitably. This isn’t a perfect world, that’ll never the be case. But we are experiencing the best economy for the greatest number of people we’ve seen in our country. That’s something that should be celebrated and encouraged. You don’t have to like the President to benefit from his economic policies and the only way we enter a recession for the foreseeable is if we buy into the fake news, stop spending and create one. 



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