Rewind: Impeachment hearing – Democrats wouldn’t win in small claims court

Impeachment hearing – Democrats wouldn’t win in small claims court

Bottom Line: I’d like to be clear about something. Clearer, than Bill Taylor’s “clear”fourth or fifth hand testimony and assumptions yesterday. You wouldn’t be able to take the drivel espoused by George Kent and Bill Taylor to a small claims court and win. Doubt me? Ask any trial attorney. And in the off chance you find one who thinks they could, send them my way. I’ll be glad to go toe-to-toe on-air with them and expose them in the public interest. And if we’re talking about the impeachment of the President, don’t you think we should at least apply the legal standard of reasonable doubt?

Reasonable Doubt:

  • Reasonable doubt is a standard of proof used in criminal trials. When a criminal defendant is prosecuted, the prosecutor must prove the defendant's guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. If the jury—or the judge in a bench trial has a reasonable doubt as to the defendant's guilt, the jury or judge should pronounce the defendant not guilty.

Now, not only was there no clear wrongdoing by President Trump, as both Taylor and Kent testified to having not direct communication with the president, the potential maleficence they were “concerned” about occurring never did occur as Ukraine received the aid and the Ukraine never followed through on what their second, third, fourth and fifth hand allegations allege were to take place. What’s more is that both officials expressed confidence in the new Ukrainian President who’s repeatedly stated there was no pressure from the Trump administration placed on him for any demands. As was illustrated during the hearing, Taylor and Kent would have to be calling the Ukraine President they’ve expressed is “the real deal” as a liar in order to advance their fourth and fifth hand allegations against President Trump which also didn’t occur. And that’s the basis of the Democrats impeachment process. This isn’t a witch hunt, this isn’t a coup, it’s flat out anti-American. As in anti-the will of the American people who elected Donald Trump President of the United States. This is about you, not just Trump. Thankfully I believe there are still more Americans with integrity than anti-American Democrats seeking to destroy this Representative Republic for their political interests by any means necessary. 

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