Iranian Passenger Plane Skids Off Runway, Stops In The Middle Of A Highway

A Caspian Airlines plane with 135 people on board skidded off the runway and came to a stop in the middle of a road while trying to land at Mahshahr Airport in Iran. Dramatic video captured passengers and bystanders helping each other disembark from the jet. Some people exited the aircraft through the main doors, while others climbed out onto the wings of the twin-engine plane, taking their carry-on luggage with them.

Miraculously, nobody on the plane or on the ground was injured in the crash landing. The plane stopped short of a populated area and managed to avoid hitting any cars on a busy highway that connects Mahshahr to Imam Khomeini Port.

Authorities are trying to determine why the plane skidded off the runway. The aircraft was reportedly coming in harder than usual and lost its landing gear when it hit the ground. It is unclear if the landing gear broke off on impact or somehow retracted as the plane touched down. 

Photo: Getty Images

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