Coronavirus-Related Violence Sparks Up Nationwide

Police around the nation are dealing with a surge in violent crime, including a number of coronavirus-related incidents. 

In Louisiana, a 64 year old man refused to put a mask on inside a Walmart. Police were called out, and after telling them that they "can't make me wear an (expletive) mask", he allegedly backed his car into a police officer twice.

That man faces multiple charges.

Another incident happened in St. Petersburg, where a man was arrested for punching another passenger on a city bus over a mask dispute.

There appears to be more at play in an incident at a Royal Palm Beach Walmart, involving an unmasked man who was caught on video pulling a gun on another man who was wearing a mask.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw says that there is more to that story and it is still under investigation.

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Photo: Getty Images

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