8 Candidates Run For 3 Races In Palm Beach Soil & Conservation District

Early voting in Palm Beach County begins on Monday for the August 18 primary and we've been profiling the races in our Election Spotlight series both on-air and online.

There are three races for the Palm Beach Soil and Water Conservation District, which is designed to “educate residents, land users and businesses on ways to protect our natural resources, promote best management practices and conserve, improve and sustain the environment.”

It's a public agency run by elected officials, but the district has no taxing authority.

In the race for Group 2, Audrey Friedrich and Ann Marie Sorrell.

The most crowded race is the one for Group 3, with four candidates...Chad Alvarez, Adam Baer, Nicholas O'Neal and Jon Shaw.

And the race for Group 4 features Rob Longstatus and Candas Rojas.

Next week, we highlight Palm Beach County's judicial races and introduce you to the candidates.

NewsRadio 1290 WJNO is the Palm Beaches election headquarters.

Photo: Getty Images

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