Florida Man Designs Masks for Young Students

Knowing that students returning to school this fall will likely put up fights over having to wear masks, a Florida man has come up with a new design that he says kids will have less of an issue with.

Bradenton resident Ty Salvatore, owner of Tyton Design and Development, has manufactured more than 300,000 masks designed especially for students.

"I know the importance of having to see somebody’s mouth when they’re speaking to you," Salvatore says. "As children are learning, or someone with a disability or an ailment, I wanted to come up with some sort of hybrid."

What he came up with was a child-size mask with a clear shield over the mouth, allowing others to view the wearer's mouth. It also features pads in the nose and ears areas for comfort, he says.

So far, the masks appear to be a hit -- and not just with students. "People in hospitality are begging for them," Salvatore says. "Hairdressers are wanting them."

Photo by: Getty Images

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