Q&A of the Day – The potential for vote by mail fraud in Florida

Q&A of the Day – The potential for vote by mail fraud in Florida

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Today’s entry: Dear Brian, (a video) was recently sent to me by a friend near Chicago. It shows how a mail in ballot can be tampered with very easily. What really got my attention was that the ballot is from PBC. Just thought you might like to see it.

Please keep up the good work. You are an island of sanity in a liberal sea of stupidity.

Bottom Line: I’ll change your characterization of a sea of stupidity into a sea of ignorance, with which I’m tasked with informing, and otherwise accept the compliment. I also think it’s important to address the concern you’re specifically describing as it continues to make the rounds on social media. While there are legit concerns regarding the proliferation of voting by mail in Florida and across the country – the concern you’re citing won’t be one for November 3rd's general election. The notation of a “D” or “R” on the ballot envelope as demonstrated in the widely circulated video – was for the August Primary elections only. With Florida’s closed primary system, the ballots are specific to one’s location and party - thus the need for designated ballots. Now, would it make sense for a more thoughtful process which wouldn’t place the designation on the outside of the ballot? I do think so, but this won’t be the case for ballots which are sent by mail for November. Still, that’s not to say there aren’t similar but different issues which could be presented.

On Saturday, a New York Post expose by a Democrat political insider who’d long carried out voter fraud in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania outlined numerous ways in which voter fraud with votes by mail have been carried out by him and his operatives. Quoting the operative: “There is no race in New Jersey — from city council to United States Senate — that we haven’t worked on”.

He outlined the following ways they’ve carried out fraud:

Phony Ballots: Copying real ballots and using them to vote

Inside Jobs by postal workers: Paying off postal workers in conservative areas to throw out ballots as they’re being sent back in by voters

Nursing Homes: Offering “Assistance” in helping seniors filling out ballots

Voter Impersonation: Literally voting in person as someone else in states that don’t require voter ID

Bribing voters: He said campaigns literally have paid $50 per ballot

The expose is chilling and it’s notable it was completely ignored by other news media. As it pertains to Florida’s elections, all of the aforementioned aren’t possible here. The tactics used for creating phony ballots and voter impersonation aren’t possible to recreate with safeguards we have in place. The other three potentially could occur. That takes us back to something cited in that video. You should vote in person if you can. That’s true. As I’ve articulated and illustrated numerous times over the years, including recently, your vote is ten times less likely to be counted if you vote by mail rather than in person.

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