Republican Lawyer Hopes To Turn Blue County Commission Seat Red In November

As we look ahead to the General Election, there will be three Palm Beach County Commission races on the ballot.

A newcomer to politics hopes to turn one of the six Democrat held seats Republican. David Shiner is an attorney who is running for the District 5 seat, currently held by the outgoing Commissioner Mary Lou Berger.

"I looked at the issues in south Palm Beach County and I realized that we really needed some really solid voices out in that area to speak for the community."

He says Berger hasn't been doing a good enough job addressing some key issues in the district.

"The environment, over-development, public safety and public health."

Shiner will be facing former state Senator Maria Sachs, a Democrat, come November. We'll be reaching out to her as part of our Election Spotlight series, brought to you by Air Around the Clock.

Photo: Getty Images

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