Palm Beach County Businesses Gain Access To $23 Million In Grants

CARES Act dollars are now available to restart Palm Beach County businesses.

The Restart Business Grants Program will resume on Friday.

The county commission approved grants totaling $23 million to help businesses that were forced to close by state or county executive order.

Businesses that previously received funding through this program are not eligible to apply.

Applications will be available online through the county's portal, beginning at 8 a.m. Friday and they'll be processed on a first-come, first eligible basis.

Each grant is up to $2,500.

During Tuesday's Palm Beach County Commission meeting, Commissioner Hal Valeche asked for an update on county staff's task of looking into ways to speed up the reopening process.

"For the second week in a row, Palm Beach County's positivity rate is less than that of the state overall, which is in full Phase 2. (It) seems kind of counterintuitive to me that if we're doing better on most fronts that we're still restricting ourselves to a lot greater degree."

He continues to push to get bars back open so people can go back to work.

"There's been some comments that the board is not paying enough attention to the plight of some of these business owners who are continuing to struggle, and that we're focusing far too much on the almost trying to eradicate the disease, which is not going to happen, to the exclusion of eradicating businesses which is happening."

County Administrator Verdenia Baker said the Executive Policy Group is meeting on Wednesday after spending the past week gathering information.

Click Here for more information on the grants program.

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