Pastors To Protest Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Ruling In Lake Worth Beach

Just hours after Wednesday's grand jury indictment announcement in the Breonna Taylor case, some black lives matter demonstrators headed for downtown West Palm Beach. They demonstrated in the same area where dozens of protests have been held this year since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

Things remained peaceful during the local protest, unlike what happened in other areas of the country, after one of three officers involved in the raid that resulted in Taylor's death was charged with wanton endangerment, for firing into the apartment behind the woman's home. There were no charges brought against the other officers who fired shots the night Taylor died. That sparked protests, which erupted into violence Wednesday night and the shooting of two Louisville police officers. The cops are expected to survive and a suspect is in custody.

A group of pastors is planning another protest Thursday night, outside Lake Worth Beach City Hall.

Photo: Getty Images

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