Voter fraud in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin

The truth about voter fraud in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan Pennsylvania & Wisconsin

Bottom Line: It’s existed. Within all of them. Even recently. Throughout the past week plus I’ve spent time providing analytical perspective about the potential for voter fraud impacting the outcome of the Presidential election. In short, my analogy has been it’d be the equivalent of connecting successfully on three straight Hail Mary passes in football. That’s because President Trump needs the outcome currently reflected in at least three states to reverse to his favor. I’ve also debunked or explained why many of the possible explanations for widespread voter fraud aren’t as they seem. Most recently explaining that it’s common for voters who only show up to vote in Presidential elections to only vote for President and that it’s common for those voters to heavily favor Democrats. That being said I’m always disenchanted with the numerous outlets reporting once again falsely, that voter fraud isn’t an issue and suggesting the Trump campaign’s concerns are baseless. In fact, how many times have you read or heard the world baseless this week? Do you know what’s baseless? The credibility of most news media organizations in this country. Vote fraud was, is and will continue to be a threat to our country. How big of a threat? Consider these successfully prosecuted cases of voter fraud in the key states in question:

Cases of prosecuted voter fraud by state since 2010 (via the Heritage Foundation Voter Fraud Database):

  • Arizona: 22 – most recent conviction – 2020
  • Georgia: 12 – most recent conviction – 2018 (one election overturned)
  • Michigan: 10 – most recent conviction – 2016
  • Nevada: 6 – most recent conviction – 2017
  • Pennsylvania: 14 – most recent conviction – 2019
  • Wisconsin: 39 – most recent conviction – 2018

Six states, ten years and 103 criminal convictions of voter fraud. But it doesn’t happen right? It’s not that big of a deal if it does, right? And we’re to assume that none of it happened in this election, right? Here’s the thing. Whether the outcome of the elections change or not there’s a responsibility by news media to bring you the truth and to vet these elections. Instead, they’ve vacated their responsibility, falsely proclaimed Joe Biden President-Elect and lie to you about voter fraud. Bigger than the fraud in this election, wherever the truth lands, is the fraud perpetrated on you by the majority of American news media.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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