Former Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Faces Newcomer In City Council Race

In our Election Spotlight, the race for the Palm Beach Gardens City Council seat formerly held by County Commissioner Maria Marino.

A former council member is one of two candidates. Land planner Marcie Tinsley served for six years, starting in 2010, including some time as mayor. She says that because of term limits there will be three new council members over the next couple of years.

"With that said I was encouraged by many residents, friends (and) business owners to jump in and serve again."

She faces political newcomer Rob Nanfro, a certified public accountant.

"What I don't understand is why people wouldn't want a new face running because, if you look at the policies of development that are happening now. There's 5,000 new homes that are being built. That's all because of Marcie and different things that she approved."

Tinsley says she has the history and knowledge of Palm Beach Gardens to do a better job. She's been in the city for 20 years, while Nanfro moved to town in 2019.

"I think that's the difference between him and I. I think he's trying to create issues, where right now the pandemic is a very big priority and a big issue, but we don't have a lot of issues."

The winner will fill the remainder of Marino's second term, meaning the seat will be up for election again in a year.

It's the only race in the city of Palm Beach Gardens on March 9th and it's open to all residents of the city.

Photo: Getty Images

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