Former Delray Beach Commissioner Runs Against Incumbent Who Unseated Him

The Seat 3 race on the Delray Beach City Commission is in our Election Spotlight.

Three years ago, Vice Mayor Ryan Boylston unseated then-Commissioner Mitch Katz and this year, Katz is running to take the seat back.

"The last three years I've sat back and I watched my opponent serve himself, his businesses, his friends and his contributors over the interest of our residents. And I decided that Delray Beach deserved public servants who serve the public.

Katz points out that Boylston is the first commissioner in the history of Delray Beach to plead guilty to ethics charges while serving.

The charges stem from a time before Boylston was on the commission. According to the Coastal Star, Boylston last May agreed to pay $2,000 for violating state ethics laws over votes taken when he was a board member of the Delray Beach Downtown Development Authority.

We reached out to speak with the incumbent, to no avail.

When it comes to the job Delray has done in handling the pandemic, Katz gives it a "C."

"The city could have done more to promote mask wearing. People want to go out and people who frequent our high-end restaurants, they want to feel safe. And when they're turning on the TV or they're opening up the newspaper and they're showing all these restaurants and the street just packed with people, young people mostly, without masks it's not good for your economic recovery."

He says that's especially true with Delray Beach's elderly residents, or those from other areas who come to Atlantic Avenue to enjoy a meal.

This race and the other two in Delray Beach are open to all registered voters living in the city.

Photo: Getty Images

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