Lake Worth Beach Mayor Has 3 Challengers In Her Bid For Re-election

The City of Lake Worth Beach is in our Election Spotlight.

Voters in the city will be busy on March 9th, with four races on the ballot...all citywide elections.

They include the one for Mayor, which features three challengers to the incumbent, Pam Triolo.

Ron Hensley is among them. He calls himself the city's Assistant Ambassador and says the city needs to listen better to its residents.

"I want to get our city back to the way it needs to be. When we have a commissioners' meeting and we have the public come in and speak, I feel they need to be heard and they need to be replied back to."

Candidate William Joseph immigrated to Lake Worth Beach from Haiti more than 25 years ago and term limits are something he says the city needs to institute.

"I'm 100 percent in favor of term limits. You know why? Because when people know that they're going to be there for one or two terms...they're going to do whatever they need to do."

Triolo's third challenger is Betty Resch. The former Lake Worth city attorney is also pushing for term limits.

"This is not a career. This is a public service. And that's why I do support term limits. Six years is long enough. Two terms of three years each is long enough."

The woman she's trying to replace has been in office for 9 and a half years. Mayor Triolo says she doesn't want to hold the job forever, but claims the city is in much better shape than when she took office and she needs more time.

"I'm a homeowner. I'm a business owner and I've done everything for the right reasons to get this city up to where it should have been a long time ago. We've still got a little bit more work to do. I ask you give me these next three years to do this. I will not wear out my welcome. I'll gladly hand over the keys."

We asked Triolo if she will pledge to not run for another term in three years should she be re-elected this time, if term limits do not become a reality in Lake Worth Beach. She said "I'm hoping that I have things in place. If not, we'll see."

The mayor also responds to criticism about a commission meeting last March that made national news when she and former Commissioner and current State Representative Omari Hardy engaged in what some call a "shouting match."

Hear that in the above audio player.

There are also races for City Commission seats in Districts 1, 2 and 3 and all are open to all residents of Lake Worth Beach.

Photo: Getty Images

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