Lake Worth Beach Commissioner Responds To Challenger's Claims

An incumbent on the Lake Worth Beach Commission faces a familiar challenger next month.

District One's Scott Maxwell is running for re-election and business owner Sarah Malega is once again on the ballot. She's not happy that early voting is not taking place.

"Just the fact that we have the election in March. Right there, we don't have any early election dates. So if you're not able to show up to the booth on March 9th from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., that automatically cuts you out if you have a full time job and you've got four kids and they have events after school."

Malega also says the city used to hold their municipal elections in November and the current dais moved it to March. She claims "some people think that it's because they wanted a low voter turnout."

The state of Florida allows for mail-in voting for all elections.

As for her opponent?

"If you do not look like him, speak like him or have the same skin tone, he considers those residents who may not have full residency here in the United States or Lake Worth (Beach) less than. And I just don't think that's the humane way to go."

Maxwell strongly disagrees with Malega's comments.

"It's totally inaccurate and totally inappropriate. My opponent apparently has made it her mission to work within the minority communities and spread falsehoods about what I really stand for when it comes to making our city better for all of our residents."

Maxwell also denies claims from Malega and candidates running against incumbents in other races in Lake Worth Beach that the Commission doesn't listen to residents. And he touts the work that's been done to the city's infrastructure while he's been in office.

"We've invested almost $200 million in rebuilding our city because of neglect that went on for generations preceding us."

The District 1 City Commission race is open to all voters who live within the Lake Worth Beach city limits.

Photo: Getty Images

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