Q&A Of The Day – John Durham’s Report & Investigation Continues

Q&A Of The Day – John Durham’s Report & Investigation Continues

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Today’s entry: Hi Brian, I listen and enjoy your show early every morning during my commute. Was wondering if there has been any update on the Durham Report? Seems like that and any investigation on Hunter Biden has just evaporated.

Bottom Line: If you’re interested in accountability for the bad actors responsible for the Steel-Dosier/FISA/Trump-Russia conspiracy, as it appears you are, John Durham’s silence may still prove to be golden. Since President Biden assumed office, I’ve kept an eye on John Durham as I’ve been concerned that his investigation may be thwarted by the new administration. That’s not appeared to be the case as of now. While he did resign as U.S. Attorney for Connecticut on February 26th, his probe has continued – seemingly unimpeded. 

John Durham and his investigation came up during Merrick Garland’s confirmation process to become Attorney General. Notably he refused to make any promises regarding John Durham or his investigation. That led to many on the right to assume he’d be dispatched him given the opportunity. That was seemingly reinforced when he stated that “if confirmed one of the first things I am going to do is speak with Mr. Durham and learn the status of his investigation”. Well, we don’t know the status of his investigation. We don’t know what he told AG Garland. We don’t know if Garland is simply waiting for a specific moment or opportunity to make him go away. But what we do know is that as of today the investigation is in full swing

While Durham’s investigation remains as private as ever, it is known that thus far during the Biden Administration he’s issued additional subpoenas, including documents from the Brookings Institute. Also, numerous reports over the past month have indicated that many of the interviews that were stalled due to the pandemic have started to take place. I don’t offer any of this up in an effort to set expectations. I have the highest hopes that one day there will be accountability for actors in what was the greatest conspiracy in American history. I also feel it’s critical to send a message to other current and would-be future bad actors in government – that they aren’t above the law. I don’t, however, have any specific expectations. Just hope.

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