Congressman Mast Taking Applications For U.S. Service Academy Nominees

Landscape view of West Point buildings

Photo: Getty Images

Congressman Brian Mast is taking applications from high school graduates who want to attend a U.S. service academy.

Members of Congress are able to nominate up to ten students for each vacant academy slot alloted to District 18 and that process is underway now.

"It's a very rigorous selection and assessment process where we've got to see 'How did you volunteer?' 'Are you physically fit?' Because you're asking to be in the military, don't come asking me for a nomination to West Point if you can't do a couple of pushups."

The representative says they also want to know about a student's academic success as part of the decision-making process for nominating them to one of four out of the five service academies. The U.S. Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination.

"You have a starting salary the day you graduate of about $70,000 and you get a bonus instead of a bill."

Mast will be holding an online information session on Tuesday at 10 a.m. and you can register at his website.

The application deadline is November 1.

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