Wife Accused Of Dismembering Husband's Body, Collecting His Social Security

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A Las Vegas woman has been charged with theft of government money for allegedly defrauding the Social Security Administration following the death of her husband in 2015.

A criminal complaint says that Nancy Shedleski never reported her husband's death. Instead, she is accused of dismembering his body and throwing it in the trash. She continued to collect his Social Security benefits until 2019, depositing a total of $121,000 into her bank account.

If she had reported his death in 2019, she would have received $14,000 in survivor benefits. However, by not reporting his death, she pocketed $24,000.

Authorities learned about the scheme after receiving an anonymous tip in 2019 that her husband had disappeared. They tried to call Shedleski's husband but got no response. Finally, she returned their calls and told them that he lived with her in Las Vegas. Not satisfied with her answers, investigators showed up at her apartment, looking for her husband. She claimed that he was traveling but eventually admitted that she discarded his remains after he died in their Pennsylvania home.

"Shedleski confirmed there was no ambulance, no hospitalization, no funeral, no burial, and no cremation," the complaint states.

Shedleski was released on her own recognizance and has a court hearing scheduled for November 5.

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