Part 1: Cheat Sheet Q&A: Why are most teachers left-leaning & what can be done about it?

Part 1: Cheat Sheet Q&A: Why are most teachers left-leaning & what can be done about it? 

Today's entry: It`s Jake again, that 13 year old kid who asked you about our debt with China. Today I would like to ask you about a topic that I witness first hand every day; liberalism in education. Now personally I consider this corruption of youth, but some people may have other opinions. Being 13 I am in civics and it has really been a big year to be in civics because of the election, but it seems that my teacher although pretending to be impartial, is a left leaning person ( No surprise). My teachers political views seem to effect what we are told and how things are explained. One perfect example is that my teacher insists that we watch CNN Student news. Now as we all know CNN is fake news that spreads radical leftist ideas and criticizes our President for making our country a better place so it is clear that my teacher is left leaning. It is not only my teacher who does this though. I would say about 90% of the teachers in my school and for that matter probably in the U.S. are left leaning. It may not seem like a big deal but their policies are discreetly moving into our learning. Also the whole system of Common Core and school standards enforce liberalistic ideas. I would just like to know your opinion on this, as well as what we can do to deal with this, and also why are most teachers are liberal? 

P.S. Did you have this problem while you are in school? 

Bottom line: Once again you've asked substantive question and given how impressed I am with you I'm obliged to engage. I'm happy to provide my opinion, but my opinion is based on information, so I'll delve into some facts as well. Let's start with CNN. While I'd generally agree with you that CNN's political bias is left leaning, research has shown that it's generally the most palatable news network (prior to the Trump administration anyway) across the political spectrum. According to the Pew Research Center here's how each news network's audience identifies themselves: 


  • CNN: 32% conservative, 30% moderate, 30% liberal 
  • Fox: 60% conservative, 23% moderate, 10% liberal 
  • MSNBC: 32% conservative, 23% moderate, 36% liberal 


So there are a couple of takeaways that might provide a couple of surprises. The first is that while mostly liberal, MSNBC's audience derives nearly a third of it's audience from conservatives. The second might be that conservatives make up the largest block of CNN's audience. In terms of the overall takeaways: 

  •  There are simply far more conservatives seeking news 
  • Conservatives are the most willing to sample news that presents opposing points of view  
  • CNN has the most balanced audience  
  • *It is worth noting that Fox News's audience is approximately 20% larger than CNN and MSNBC's combined 

I'm going to pick up on that last point first. Historically, CNN has been viewed as being the least partisan of the all news networks among all Americans surveyed. I think that view may be changing or have changed due to the bitter conflicts with the Trump administration but that's the reason that you'll most commonly find adult destinations displaying CNN over other networks (transit stations, airports, government buildings, etc.). So while I hear what you're saying and conceptually agree with your premise...It's explainable so I'll give your teacher(s) a pass. In part two I'll delve into the rest of the story... 

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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