Part 2: Cheat Sheet Q&A: Scorecard on President Trump's policy positions:

Part 2:  Cheat Sheet Q&A: Scorecard on President Trump's policy positions:

Bottom Line: 

The President has proposed a new government agency to care for the victims of illegal immigrant crimes: I'm tired and don't feel like making the statistical case for why this policy idea sucks - but wow does it...

The President cited a need for US allies to meet their foreign aid financial obligations: Amen. The US directly pays for 22% of NATO and indirectly pays for 73% of it. What's the distinction? Most of the NATO countries don't pay their share and we make up the difference to keep it running. And as for the UN. We pay more than the other 185 countries combined.

The President laid out 5 principals for Obamacare replacement: restricting medical malpractice suits, opening health insurance options across state lines, to ensure those with preexisting conditions have access to coverage, states should have resources and flexibility with Medicaid and should reign in prescription drugs prices. As I stated from the onset with the Affordable Care Act. Any healthcare plan that places health insurance as the key instrument to attain healthcare is a failed idea. We don't have a healthcare crisis. We have a cost of healthcare crisis. We need consumer transparency with services and prices. The current insurance model that conditions us to sign a piece of paper that says we'll pay for whatever happens in a medical facility that our insurance company doesn't is the biggest scam ever legally perpetuated on almost an entire society of people. The current insurance model needs to resemble all other forms of major insurance in our lives - used as a last resort in an emergency. That would force consumer education, price and service transparency resulting in more affordable pricing and more competitive healthcare outcomes. Near as I can tell this takes something awful and makes it potentially 40% less awful.

The President called for "big tax cuts" “My economic team is developing historic tax reform that will reduce the tax rate on our companies so they can compete and thrive anywhere and with anyone,” “At the same time, we will provide massive tax relief for the middle class –a big, big cut. So you're saying you really do love me? Clearly specifics will be key but if we can get repatriation reform, a lower max corporate tax rate (which at 39.1% is the highest in the developed world) - while also creating something akin to an AMT for businesses (I'd love a flat tax but I'm realistic) so that those in favored industries or with the best accountants don't manage to avoid paying taxes on profits - it's a win. On the personal side...It's tax season. This is an especially bad time for me to address how utterly skewed up it is that I essentially work the entire year simply to pay our tax bill while 42% of the country manages to profit from the federal tax system. 

The President called for school choice: Yes, yes and yes. It's our tax money and our children. No government school district is inherently entitled to it. Furthermore, it's absurd that the extent of a parents ability to choose a school exists only if they can afford to pay for private schools. This is why many families are born into poverty and never make it out. Education is the key and unfortunately even the parents that want a better life for their children have that taken away based on a government run monopoly decided by bureaucrats who draw lines on maps. Get it done Mr. President.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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