Part 2 Cheat Sheet Q&A: Why I don't support the creation of VOICE

Part 2 Cheat Sheet Q&A: Why I don't support the creation of VOICE 

Continuing...: I'm not saying that it's not possible for something constructive to come out of this but I have three significant issues with this order. First, I can't reconcile further expansion of a government agency within my framework for limited government. Second, with nearly $20 trillion in debt, rapid daily accumulation, and insolvency for Medicare and Social Security looming in 11-15 years - how can this be justified pragmatically? If something significant doesn't change the day will come in just over a decade in which there are significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Social Security and Medicare are the biggest debtors of the US and are the first shoes to drop if/when we no longer can meet out debt obligations. Now is not a time to be expanding government agencies and that's assuming there's ever a appropriate time for that to occur.  Third - the premise. 

In 2001 after 9-11, I'm sad to admit that I tabled my limited government principals and bought into the notion that we needed a massive new government agency to oversee "the homeland". We were sold on the Department of Homeland Security being a needed agency to coordinate all forms of intelligence from all agencies (after it was determined that if only information had been coordinated between multiple agencies we might have prevented 9-11). Common sense should have dictated that adding a middle man bureaucracy wouldn't make communication more efficient but it was an emotional time and seemed to make sense. Since it's creation in 2001 we've spent over $1 trillion on it. Yes, we did have that fun color system for a while in the early years but how's the communication thing working out? 

From the Fort Lauderdale Airport attack to the Pulse night club to San Bernardino, etc. Signs were everywhere and on the radar of law enforcement and intelligence agencies and yet no coordination that prevented those attacks. So back to the premise...I wouldn't support the creation of the Department of Homeland Security today - let alone it's expansion. It's not about the intent - which is well meaning. It's about limited government principals and financial priorities. 

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