Tracking Trump - The President's approval 3-17-17:

Tracking Trump - The President's approval 3-17-17:     

Bottom Line: For the political junkies that missed the Friday political series...We're back with weekly trackingIn this series we'll track the high point, low point and current ratings and week over week comparisons. So let's get started.     

  • Trump's lowest ratings: 43.7% approval and 49.9% disapprove: -6.2% (3/3/17)

  • Trump highest approval ratings were an average 45.2% approval and 43% disapproval +2.2% (1/27/17)    

  • Last week's ratings: 44.6% approval and 49.5% disapprove: - 4.9%   

  • Trump's current ratings: 44.1% approval and 49.9% disapprove: - 5.8%   

What's interesting is that despite a lot of divergence in individual approval polls the actual range of President Trump's over average has been relatively static. Consider that his approval rating has only fluctuated by 1.5% throughout the first seven full weeks of his Presidency and while his disapproval rating has been more fluid it's range is only just 6.9%. In other words, people have generally had their position on the President from the onset and really haven't changed it based on all of the daily noise surrounding his Presidency. 

For the week we we did see a net .9% dip on average. There is still a lot of variance between pollsters, though not as extreme as some of what we'd seen previously (at the peak there was a 27% disparity between accredited pollsters). The range this week is USA Today/Suffolk +3% to Gallup -11%. While the hype in the media continues to be exceedingly negative with regard to anything dealing with the President himself. The economic indicators continue to demonstrate positive breakouts that we haven't experienced in over a decade. As Bill Clinton once famously stated..."It's the economy stupid". History tells us that's true. If there's follow through to what we've already started to see - the media won't be able to pretend that Americans aren't better off.

Brian Mudd

Brian Mudd

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